The Team



Kris has supported hundreds of clients in their successful body transformations through focused, specific and engaging training sessions. He views fitness as more than just a training programme, and looks at the full circle when it comes to health and promoting a positive mindset. 

Kris has built a successful client base for 7 years between 2012 and 2019 in East Kilbride. In June of 2019, Kris founded Funktional Fitness Training, with the ultimate goal of helping others achieve their health and fitness aspirations by offering support, sharing expertise and promoting physical and mental wellbeing.

Kris completed his HND in Health, Fitness and Exercise in 2015.




Liam started his career in the fitness industry 4 years ago, when he decided to pursue his passion for exercise and helping others. This began by completing a HND in Fitness, Health and Exercise. This allowed him to gain a qualifications in the industry, such as his level 2 gym instructor, level 3 personal training and others. He then decided to continue his career in education at University. At the University of the West of Scotland he studied Sport and Exercise Science where he achieved a Bachelors degree. He is currently in the process of completing his fourth and final year of education - his honours degree. Alongside all of this he is currently working with the sport science team at Motherwell Football Club due to a passion for the sport. 

He started his working career as a trainer at FergusFit over 2 years ago. Since then he has helped run the gym and importantly helped hundreds of people achieve their goals in fitness. He has a variety of areas of specific interest in fitness, specifically the all important nutritional aspect. Alongside this, his  experience with Motherwell Football Club has developed his interest in sport-specific training and rehabilitation. 



Ryan has always wanted to be involved in sport whether it was taking part himself, or coaching others to be better. Over the years he has gained experience in several different areas of the health and fitness world, acquiring qualifications along the way. After being a multi-sport coach and a regular gym goer for years, he decided to combine his two passions and start his career in Personal Training. With the knowledge he has obtained through these qualifications, he's here to guide you on route to achieving your fitness goals. Whether that be; losing weight, building muscle, sports specific performance or a general healthier lifestyle. He is a huge advocate of self-improvement and realising your potential. With his positive and determined mind set he aims to take my clients on their fitness journey and push past any barriers they’ve previously had, with exciting and engaging training programmes that guarantee results. 

Funktional Fitness Training’s honest and direct approach to the fitness industry is something he has found that separates us from any other organisation or company. There’s no fabrications, no exaggerations, just facts. The bond built between the clients and coaches within FFT goes further than just a training session within the walls of the gym. Before qualifying as coaches we all dealt with the struggle of consistency whilst training and the confusion that comes along with it. We have a key focus and drive to be there for our clients whenever they need us. We understand how misleading most of todays fitness industry can be and strive to simplify this and point you in the right direction



From a young age Ryan has been interested in sport and fitness. He has always been athletic and intrigued in so many aspects of fitness, health and exercise. 

Eventually he found his way into the gym environment where he felt most comfortable and constantly wanted to improve himself.
This led him down the path of studying health, exercise and fitness, initially for his own benefit, but which then opened him up to personal training and coaching. He found helping other people improve their lifestyle to be very rewarding and motivating. He believes health and fitness is a lifestyle choice and not just a quick fix, which is his aim as a trainer – to not only give you want you want but also what you need.

His overall goal with his clients is to help improve there own self confidence both in the gym and in their own bodies.